Instrument Repair Services

We offer over 30 years of instrument repair experience at First Note Music.  Our technicians have spent decades fixing, mending, cleaning and polishing every instrument-type.


Our goal is to ensure your instrument is playing in the best possible condition.  Estimates for major repairs are always free and can be done, in many cases, on the spot.  Instruments must be present for an estimate to be given on any major repair work.  NOTE: You should call us before bringing your instrument in if it needs an estimate.  Sometimes the techs are out of the store or not available.  Our best recommendation is to leave your instrument and wait for a tech to call with the estimate.


Turn around time is usually 2-4 business days.

UltraSonic Cleaning

At First Note Music, we are proud to offer a revolutionary instrument cleaning service that eliminates harsh chemicals and damaging acids.  UltraSonic cleaning uses a mild, soapy solution and an electric current to remove dirt and grime and is safe for all brass-based instruments.


UltraSonic cleaning is a result of high frequency sound waves introduced into a cleaning liquid by means of a series of transducers mounted to the cleaning tank. The sound travels throughout the tank and creates waves of compression and expansion in the liquid. In the compression wave, the molecules of the cleaning liquid are tightly compressed together. Conversely, in the expansion wave, the molecules are rapidly pulled apart.


The expansion is so dramatic that the molecules are ripped apart, creating microscopic bubbles.  The bubbles are not seen by the naked eye since they are so small and exist for only a split second of time.  The bubbles contain a partial vacuum while they exist.  As the pressure around the bubbles becomes greater, the fluid around the bubble rushes in, collapsing the bubble rapidly.


This violent collapse, combined with the liquid jet's velocity, provides a very intense cleaning/scrubbing action in a minute area.  This scrubbing action exists throughout the cleaning bath.  When utilizing detergents designed for a specific application, a synergistic cleaning action is produced.

When do I get my instrument cleaned?

We recommend you get your instrument cleaned after you've been sick,

if your instrument has been sitting around for a long period of time or if you're

making the transition from marching to concert season.


Prices for UltraSonic cleaning are listed below and can be added to any other service request.  RENTAL INSTRUMENT CUSTOMERS can request a cleaning AT ANY TIME!  Remember that the cost of maintenance and repair is included with the LDW coverage you purchased at the time of rental!

How much are repairs?*

Woodwind Instruments**


$45 Flutes/Clarinets

$65 Alto & Tenor Saxophones/Oboes



Service includes-

Minor repairs including, but not limited to, combinations of pads, corks and bent keys (usually no more than two pads and one cork).  Adjustment and regulation after any repair work.  Our techs will ensure the instrument is playing properly, within the repair guidelines.


Brass Instruments***


$55 Trumpets/Basic Trombones

$65 Single Horn/Baritone/Tuba/Rotary Trombone


Service includes-

Minor repairs including, but not limited to, small dent-work, valve and slide work (usually no more than 20 minutes of said work, unless instructed by the customer).  Flush and clean in the UltraSonic Cleaner includes cork replacements on water keys and valve felts.


We guarantee our products and services will meet or exceed your expectations.  If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied, we will do our best to fulfill our mission to provide an unsurpassed musical experience.




*The prices listed on this page are for basic service only.  They do not include professional instruments.


**Large woodwind instruments such as bass clarinets, bassoons and baritone saxophones are by in-store estimate only.  The prices for basic service do not apply to these instruments.


***Double French horns, sousaphones and other large brass instruments are by in-store estimate only.  The prices for basic service do not apply to these instruments.